Iraq Elects – Allawi Announces Slate

January 30th, 2012 § 0 comments

Baghdad – Dr. Iyad Allawi, former Iraqi Prime Minister and head of the Iraqi National Slate no. 731 in the coming elections, stressed that confronting terrorism is executed through serious work, cooperation with the world, resorting to dialogue with the armed entities, simultaneously, in addition to calling them to participate in the political process and the construction of Iraq.

In a press conference at the Accord Movement headquarters, Allawi has announced the political program of his slate, in the presence of its members. He said, “We are keen on including all Iraqis in the coming stage. I had dialogue with the UN and many entities on securing the participation of Iraqis in the political process, dissolving all armed entities that are not under the government, lifting injustice and discrimination and holding deliberations with the UN for the departure of the foreign forces, which would facilitate putting an end to the intervention in Iraqi affairs.”
Allawi pointed out that the political program of the slate, “stresses on establishing Iraq and defending it to remain free, independent and free of affiliation, sectarianism and belonging to entities, through a preserving national work program that we are seeking to execute during the coming four years for establishing secure and prosperous future for Iraq, where Iraqis enjoy its resources without prejudice. The first priority is the security of the country and the people through dissolving all irregular military entities, establishing the army and police, reinforcing the Iraqi armed forces for executing missions of broader responsibilities for the rule of the law and protecting the borders, in addition to organized withdrawal of the multinational forces, fighting criminals, retrieving the pride and dignity of Iraqis in the region and worldwide, believing in the national unity as a basis for security, refraining from sectarianism and racism, constructive dialogue, punishing criminals and forgiving the others, fighting the corruption relating to stealing the people’s money through punishing any official in the government, who is proven guilty, especially as corruption is aggravating in governmental institutions, and overcoming terrorism in separate locations in the country.

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